Thin Line Between Risk and Madness

The life of a fighter pilot appears glamorous, as depicted in films like Top Gun, but there is always a greater risk, especially when flying older aircraft. In this article, the author narrates a live example of decision making in situations of risk.

Every individual’s appetite for risk taking differs, it’s a personality trait. Some adventurers thrive on taking risks in their day to day life while others would call them mad. My personal bucket list is bungee jumping or rafting in class 5 rapids which is considered total madness by a few saner souls including my wife.

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Gp Capt SK Ebenezer, SC (Retd) was commissioned as a fighter pilot in Indian Air Force on 16 Dec 89. During his illustrious career in the Air Force, he commanded a premier fighter Squadron, was the Chief Operations Officer of a front line Air Force base and was the station commander of a strategic base in the western sector. Presently the officer is a Captain Pilot with Air Asia and stays along with his wife and two daughters in Bangalore