Old Bonds Nurture Jointness

Jointness in warfighting has always been important. Of late, due to the revamping of India’s higher defence structure with the first Chief of Defence Staff being appointed, jointness has become a trending buzzword. In this Cover Story, the Editor has emphasised that jointness has to permeate to many establishments within the Armed Forces, and that a ’jointness roadmap’ should be drawn up after suitable deliberation.

Jointness in Operations gained importance during the Second World War, when synergistic employment of resources of the three Services became a battle winning factor. Taking a cue from this understanding, National Defence Academy (NDA) was established in India as a tri – service institution. The team spirit and bonds developed during the three year rigours at NDA, Pune last a lifetime. Very often, officers have resolved local issues and coordinated in urgent situations based on the old NDA bonds.

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