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Brigadier SC JOSHI, YSM, VSM, (Retd) was commissioned in
April 1966 into the Parachute Regiment. Besides command of 6
Para, he has commanded the prestigious 50 Independent Parachute
Brigade in Agra. He has been the Force Commander and Chief
Military Observer in UNAMSIL (United Nations Mission in
Sierra Leone, Africa). He has also served as an instructor in
Intelligence School, Pune, DSSC, Wellington and in Army War
College, Mhow. He is often called upon to deliver talks at DSSC,
CDM, CAWS, USI, NDC, CENJOWS, Army War College and
NDC on Operation “CACTUS” and UN Peace Keeping
Operations. He has also lectured on disaster relief at Sikkim
University, Sikkim Manipal University and to Government officers.